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In The World Of Plastic Recycling

Recycling waste has always been a matter of course. In 1957, Louis SUGANAS, father of the directors Eric and Hervé SUGANAS, was a pioneer in France in the recycling of plastics. He duplicated philosophically what his father had done before in the recycling of metals, cardboard and other raw materials.

It is important to be aware that this plastic waste is a product that could have value but it is not transformable in its current state. It should therefore not be seen as something dirty, to be destroyed, but rather as a raw material. It is an already refined oil product that needs to be repurposed.

The objective is to make it transformable and thus to give it a second life.


Our business :

The overstressing of plastics

Many activities can be carried out in plastics recycling, with varying degrees of difficulty.

A controlled PVC recycling process from A to Z

1 - Reception of the raw material

Are your products soft PVC/polyester laminates? No problem.

After grinding

2 – grinding / defibration

We grind, dust, defibrate and homogenise your materials. 

3 - Results

We make the most of your waste to provide a second life raw material.

PES fibres


4 – Delivery

We deliver the result of our work in big bags.

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L'actualité du recyclage

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